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19 October 2022
In the current issue of its employee magazine “numberOne”, the global specialty chemicals group Kuraray reports on how the company succeeds in digitizing its processes with MSO’s software, thus simplifying the management of measures.
Professional Articles
18 October 2022
Many business processes that today still run more or less manually via Excel, Word, e-mail and the like can be digitized and thus increasingly automated with the use of a workflow tool. This gives companies both a time advantage because the processes can be run through faster and more efficiently, and a qualitative advantage through greater transparency, control, and compliance.
Professional Articles
17 May 2021
In times of advancing digitalization, data is playing an increasingly important role in the value creation process of products and services or simply in the economy as a whole (keyword Industry 4.0). A successful digital transformation of organizational structures, processes and business models is therefore essential in order to become and remain successful. You have probably also already heard that data is the new oil or other comparisons that emphasize the outstanding position of data in the age of digitalization. In what way it makes sense to compare data with oil, where the similarities and differences lie, and what all this has to do with meaningful reports is explained in the following.
Professional Articles
17 March 2021
Vacation or sickness replacements can’t find their way around, material inventories are too high or low for the assembly area, processing times are exceeded due to search times (so-called dead times), equipment can’t be charged due to missing power connections, access points are blocked, safety risks arise, damage to equipment, leaks and faulty or missing tools are detected too late, working in chaos satisfies neither the employees nor the management and is even less suitable for customer views. The motivation to conduct walk-throughs using the 5S method can be manifold. In this blog post, you will learn how to implement it successfully and how you can not only carry out your walk-throughs and 5S audits, but also digitalize and automate them.
Professional Articles
28 January 2021
It is often considered and discussed whether an out-of-the-box (standard) or a custom software solution is the right one. The former is characterized by immediate availability and starting possibility (plug & play), the latter by the fact that it can be developed tailor-made according to the individual needs and requirements. The questions that arise are: Does this have to be an either-or decision? – Must out-of-the-box solutions really forego individual, customer-specific adaptability? [Small spoiler beforehand: No, it doesn’t.] This ultimately leads us to answer the question of why companies rely on freely configurable and scalable no-code software frameworks.
Professional Articles
25 November 2020
Digitally connected processes enable more flexible, (energy) efficient, individualized and cost-effective production. Management, administration and support processes should also not be neglected. This blog post will show you how process digitization can be successful.
Professional Articles
15 July 2020
Big Data and AI offer enormous potential in data processing outside the IT sector as well. This is no longer a secret. However, outdated structures often still exist when it comes to strategy, project, action and task management. But how do you solve this problem? Is it perhaps ultimately all just a question of the right data?
Professional Articles
13 May 2020
Globalisation, technological change, data protection, cyber defence as well as all of a sudden pandemic management, shifts in demand, declining orders, delivery stops and payment defaults – cost reduction measures are indispensable for a lot of companies in view of the current challenges. Effective cost management comprises hereby much more than just reducing costs.

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