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The solution for program & multi-project management

About TRACK-Software

The TRACK tool was developed by MSO on the basis of years of consulting and development, especially for efficient (multi-) project management. The TRACK software helps companies to bring complex topics on their way in a simple and structured manner and to systematically track agile implementation and achieved results. Thus different perspectives can be evaluated and controlled easily and quickly – effectively and efficiently up to the achievement of objectives.

General challenges in program and multi-project management

Typical challenges in the context of program and project management are:

  • Variety and complexity of initiatives, work packages, projects and measures
  • Measurability of effects
  • Transparency regarding progress and forecast target achievement
  • Acceptance by employees
  • Confidentiality and security
Typical challenges of (multi-) project management are, for example, the multitude and complexity of initiatives, work packages, projects and measures as well as the measurability of effects.

The solution?
TRACK-Software by MSO!

The TRACK tool by MSO simplifies and improves essential processes in program and project management. Therefore, the TRACK software is the optimal solution for the above mentioned challenges:

1. Better overview of all program contents

  • All important topics at a glance
  • Transparent and cross-departmental & cross-theme tracking of the company-wide project landscape (holistic management approach)
  • Clear visualization of important KPIs, potentials and implementation status (level indicator & traffic light logic)
  • Transparent overview of all corporate divisions, strategic fields and cross-cutting issues
  • Individually adaptable to the company-specific context (terminology, processes, corporate identity, etc.)

2. Real-time reportings

  • Individual reports at board/divisional level such as:
  • Status overview per area / field of action / etc.
  • Action stairs by years
  • Burn-down charts
  • KPI reporting
  • Implementation status cross-cutting issues
  • Individually adaptable to the company-specific context
  • Terminology, processes, corporate identity, etc. configurable

3. User-specific overview of all topics responsible

  • Personal workspace (MyWorkspace) with all relevant information
  • Clear presentation of all topics (strategy fields, work packages, measures), which a user is responsible for or should work on
  • All important information about the current status and target achievement at a glance (traffic light logic)
  • Detailed visualization of individual hierarchy levels can be shown or hidden

4. Individually configurable project profiles

5. Individual list views with filter and sorting function

  • Individual list views for tracking relevant topics
  • Any combination (and/or) of filter criteria
  • Additional filter and sort function within a list view
  • Export option for all data as Excel or .csv file

6. Worldwide transparency

  • Availability - always and everywhere (via internet/intranet)
  • No client software installation necessary
  • Call of the application via PCs, laptops and tablets with all common browsers
  • Transparency during each meeting about status and potential of all projects and measures
  • All users are always and everywhere up to date according to their respective roles and rights

7. Security and access control

  • Individual read and write rights (confidentiality)
  • User roles freely definable (e.g. PMO, overall project manager, subproject manager)
  • Multi-client capability (one application, separate data storage)
  • Coupling with user administration (AD/LDAP), SAML, WebSEAL

Project Management Office (PMO) with TRACK-Software by MSO

The MSO TRACK tool supports a PMO in ensuring project success: The MSO TRACK software networks key figures, KPIs, structures, organizational charts, committees, processes, communication data as well as reporting and thus maps the success factors of a PMO to ensure program success.

The TRACK tool is the solution for program and multi-project management.

TRACK-Software by MSO in practice

Practical application examples of the TRACK tool are:

  • Benchmark groups with synergy and effect controlling
  • Business Motivation Model (BMM)
  • Research funding / funding management (invitation to tender, approval, involvement of consortium partners, project management, cost recording, accounting, reporting, evaluation/reporting)
  • KPI tracking
  • Remediation plan
  • Tracking integrated financial processes
  • Tracking process re-engineering
  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results)
  • PMO (Project Management Office)
  • Laws and environment with integration of all markets worldwide, risk assessment and measure tracking to ensure product and delivery compliance
  • Project management according to degree of hardness logic and effect controlling
  • Strategy 2025 at group level, divisions, subsidiaries, regions, markets
  • T4I (Together for Integrity)
  • Improvement projects with effect controlling at group and divisional level
  • and much more

Flexible for any business context

Due to the high flexibility of the TRACK software, the application supports a wide variety of company situations. With the TRACK tool from MSO, companies can specifically design their individual goals, strategies, projects and plans in their respective context and track them with regard to their chosen implementation method.

Strategic fields of action, cross-cutting issues and implementation orders can be broken down into subsidiaries, business units, regions, markets, assemblies, etc., for example, and planned and controlled by those responsible with projects, work packages, milestone plans and measures – with regard to their implementation.

On the basis of results already achieved and results still planned in relation to the respective target, the implementation status, progress or forecast of all “programs”, for example, can be precisely analyzed.

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The price depends on the specific needs of the company context.

The implementation process can take 5 days or 6 weeks, depending on the complexity and if the project specification is already clear. In addition, the duration depends on individual customization requirements. Further factors are the number of employees involved in the project and their roles, the possible data migration and whether the application is rented as a SaaS tool or hosted on-premise. SaaS technically takes 24 hours: you can start with SaaS and move at a different time.

The tool should be intuitive to use. Nevertheless, we offer training for administrators and users (for example, specifically according to user roles, for example: PMO, project management, sub-project management and project staff). Trainings are usually a suitable “vehicle” to increase motivation and acceptance for the benefits of a new software – and thus to guarantee a good start into a successful joint project management.

Track can provide individual project profiles with the specifically required data and information fields, e.g. for effect controlling(!) and supports different project management methods in one tool.

Structures are arbitrary and can be individually mapped and evaluated. Regardless of strategy, goal, organizational, project, product, market or other structural fields.

All project participants have views and evaluations of their respective responsible topics. The PMO can track all projects in one tool and provide comprehensive and company-specific reporting.