Task Manager

work well - delegate well - sleep well.


Access via browser: upload images or document upload, including a comments function – anytime, anywhere.


Stay informed location-wide around the world – about responsibilities, tasks, status and deadlines.


Reports and evaluations of all conceivable dimensions, quickly and easily accessible via mouse-click.


Individually adjustable email notification system to track responsibility, due date and delays.

MSO Task Manager

Delegate better – organize better

Those who bundle all internal communication under one roof create smooth work processes, a clear distribution of tasks, precise delegation and more transparency.

Using the MSO Task Manager, you can easily create, manage and edit your own as well as delegate all other internal and external tasks. Based on automated notifications, all participants are informed about the processing status of the task(s) as well as deadlines and due dates.

As a result, the efficiency of all involved employees increases. Tasks, deadlines and execution procedures are clear and transparent for all participants. Ultimately, this also boosts the entire company’s efficiency.

MSO Task Manager

Features & Functions


The cockpit can be individually adjusted according to personal preferences. The current status of all tasks can be viewed anytime from any location. Tasks can be delegated with just a few mouse clicks, and every responsible person is informed in real time about appointments and deadlines.

Task Allocation

New tasks can be created and edited quickly and easily. Thanks to the individual customization options, employees that are in charge can only see the fields and functions that are relevant to their work. Therefore, wasting to much time by filling out redundant or superfluous fields has become obsolete.


The status of assigned tasks is very easy to edit. A traffic light system provides a quick overview of the priority status and automatically communicates the current process of the task(s). Images and documents can be added intuitively.


The customizable reporting function offers a variety of options to create individual reports. All relevant information can be summed up in real time with a mouse click. Frequently used standard reports are pre-installed and can be downloaded in common file formats (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

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MSO Task Manager

All tasks at a single glance

MSO’s Task Manager allows you to create new and track existing tasks, as well as generate relevant reports at the touch of a button. This enables every employee to keep track of their tasks – while management is constantly informed of the status of each one.

The MSO Task Manager ensures a significant reduction in the company’s administrative efforts. Data storage and maintenance are noticeably simplified, while the modular architecture provides individual adaptability to specific requirements.

All features like the automated notification system, reminder function, document uploads, evaluations, reports and many more are available right from the start. Functional extensions or updates added afterwards do not generate any additional costs.

Hence, the MSO Task Manager provides a simple, web-based, intuitive, transparent and automated stewardship of all company tasks.