Individualized Strategy Management

unique companies – unique strategies – a unique tool


einzigartige Unternehmen – einzigartige Strategien – ein einzigartiges Tool


Control, adapt and view strategies: For every employee, anytime and from any location.


Meeting all the special requirements and individual goals of a company – holistic strategy management is ensured.


Once the software solution has been configured and optimized, it can be adapted anytime to be agile, flexible and scalable.


Detailed reports and significant evaluations can be called up in real time with a mouse click.

A tool as unique as your company

Sustainable strategies are characterized by fitting seamlessly into the corporate context. A software solution for controlling corporate strategies has to meet this requirement at all times.

The MSO Strategy Manager consists of eighty percent of a well-proven basic architecture and twenty percent functionalities developed and customized in cooperation with the companies using the software. The result is a product that exactly meets the specific requirements of our clients.

The Strategy Manager is composed of four essential cornerstones: Process flows (workflow), the organizational structure, controlling and – last but not least – reporting. In addition, the individually configurable work area (cockpit) enables transparent tracking of all strategy actions that one or more employees are responsible for.

Better targeting of goals

The concept of the MSO Strategy Manager is complemented by a multitude of reporting options. KPIs can be viewed and analyzed by using a target-actual comparison. Also individual management reports can be called up real time with a mouse click and easily integrated into PowerPoint presentations, for example.

Alternatively, the reports can be opened directly on a tablet PC and discussed interactively during a meeting.


The consistent representation of the entire organizational structure enables a cross-departmental tracking of all strategic and important fields of action.

Special Topics

This function reflects all important cross-cutting issues (e.g., digitization or sustainability) in your company. This ensures that all (mega) trends remain visible at all times.

Working Area

The personal workspace provides users with maximum control over the actions they are responsible for, while placing them in a strategic context.

Agile Reports

Depending on roles and rights, all important information is available to entitled users in real time. This makes time-consuming searching obsolete, and all data can be saved in common formats.


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