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Focus on the human being

At MSO, the focus is on people. That is why you are – from your first day on at work – a full member of our team actively helping design your job. If you are passionate about your own ideas, like to share specialist knowledge, enjoy team spirit and identify every innovation as an opportunity, then we look forward to receiving your application.

The MSO team consists of highly qualified and motivated employees who are passionately committed to the concerns of their customers. In addition to a razor-sharp focus on customers and their solutions, MSO’s developers and consultants are, above all, outstanding experts leading their projects to success.

MSO as Employer

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Here at MSO, people that are passionate about their work and have a high level of social and methodological competence, the ability to think in terms of structures and see the connections develop company-specific administration software and – together with our clients – find the best solutions.

Become part of our team and offer your practical help and support during the implementation of software projects and related consulting scenarios.