Why MSO?

from the practice – for the practice


MSO software is easy to handle and understand. That leads to high acceptance throughout the entire company.


Depending on the scenario, MSO applications can be individually extended and adapted – agile and flexible.


MSO guarantees full data integrity and reliable operation processes. Security and compliance are in our DNA.


See, understand, act, achieve goals: Integrated reporting features provide a quick overview at all levels.

Powered by MSO

Management, Strategy & Organisation

MSO facilitates everyday life throughout the company – from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. Based on years of experience from countless customer projects, MSO solutions address the typical problems associated with using enterprise software: low flexibility, complicated configuration, unclear input masks and hidden implementation costs.

MSO users do not need any special IT knowledge – even for complex adaptations the operation is as simple as surfing the Internet. MSO standard software is always delivered complete with all features. Maintenance and all updates are included. No additional purchases of modules, functions or other standards are required.

All MSO applications can be easily integrated into any standard IT environment via an installation file or as a SaaS solution: MSO software is easy to install and configure, and made operational on the very same day.

As a result, MSO Software slims down complex processes, makes projects more efficient, and ensures a clear and distinct reporting – individual, simple and scalable.

At a Glance

Functional Advantages


Easy access via browser to upload images or documents (even with comments) – anytime, anywhere.

High configurability

Adjustable templates for measures, projects, processes and (CIP) methods

Informed at all times

Automated and individually adjustable email notification system for a better overview of responsibilities, due dates and delays.

Everything at a glance

Individual and specific evaluations and reports via an integrated reporting tool.

Flexible installation

Available on premises or in the Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service).

High compatibility

Excel, CSV, API and other individual interfaces.

Simple file import and export

Import and export function for Excel and CSV.

Secure user management

Access management via AD or LDAP-connection, Single sign-on, SAML authentication.

Easy traceability

History function filing operation and administration.

Collaborative work

Document upload, download and linking functions.

Complete control

Individual role and rights concept.

Multi-client capability

One application, separate data storage.

Understandable for everyone

Available in several languages.