Consulting by experience

MSO Consulting

Consulting philosophy

MSO Consulting places customer orientation, community and stability at the heart of all its consulting services.

Systemic consulting

Holistic analysis of the interaction of environment, strategy, policy, goals, culture and available resources of the company.

Continuous development

Regular review, evaluation and improvement is an integral part of the implementation of management systems.

Solutions and practical advice

We search for optimal solutions (MSO Solutions) for our customers and offer concrete assistance and practical cooperation during the realization process.


By networking customers, employees and partners, we create the basis for developing expertise and exploiting new resources.

MSO Consulting

Consulting fields

Strategy development

Business process management

Management systems

External quality management

Our mission

We want to help companies secure and improve their profitability and competitiveness in order to achieve top performance consistently – regionally, nationally and internationally. This way, we contribute to securing the company and its location.

Example: Data Protection Consulting (GDPRa)

Introducing legally conforming data protection takes place in 3 phases:

Phase 1 examines to which extent the legal provisions on data protection have already been implemented. The outstanding issues are summarized in a list of measures – and proposals for their implementation are formulated.

Phase 2 involves implementing the identified actions required and the data protection concept throughout the company. MSO provides support by taking the following steps:

  • Creation of legally required documentation (e.g., processing activities list, risk analysis, data protection management)
  • Providing essential templates and forms
  • Holding on to the catalog of actions and implementing them
  • Training of employees that deal with personal data (each participant receives an official certificate)
  • Appointing the external data protection officer

During the ongoing operation the data protection officer ensures compliance with the GDPR. This includes the following activities:

  • Carrying out an annual data protection audit, including reports
  • Conducting data protection training courses for new employees
  • Support in maintaining the processing activities list
  • Consultation on assessing the impact of data protection rules
  • Providing a contact person to the data protection supervisory authorities
  • Guidance in questions relevant to data protection
  • No staff retention required
  • Exact calculation of the incurred costs
  • Orientation to individual needs (“adequate data protection”)
  • Focus on practical topics (“data protection with a sense of proportion”)
  • Concentration on core business
  • Integration in all project phases
  • Consultant’s experience from a large number of data protection projects