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Use Case: BOSIG GmbH


More transparent, more efficient and more tailored to individual needs: these were the requirements that BOSIG GmbH placed on a software for controlling and tracking all business processes. Previously, different processes and systems existed in parallel for different business transactions. Due to these unclear structures, internal resources could not be controlled effectively.

The implementation of the MSO Action/Workflow Manager provided a remedy here. Since then, BOSIG has been able to coordinate every measure and every process at any time in a traceable, transparent and simple manner in a holistic system. The result: noticeably more efficiency and more employee and customer satisfaction through transparent and reliable processes and better process tracking.


With its building materials for sustainable construction, BOSIG GmbH is one of the market leaders in Germany and sells its products within the European Union, but also increasingly on the Asian market. Since BOSIG develops, produces and sells product solutions for many different industries – e.g. in the areas of residential, building, industrial, roof, window and door construction as well as mechanical engineering, special vehicle construction, acoustics, etc. – it is important to always maintain an overview of the complex product and process structure. This cannot be easily mapped with simple, less flexible software. The management therefore approached MSO Solutions with the very specific request to introduce a software solution that would enable comprehensive control and tracking of all business areas and processes.

It was important to the management of BOSIG to be able to coordinate the different processes within the company in a central tool. They were looking for a system that could be configured exactly according to the needs of the medium-sized company and could be constantly adapted. Without additional programming or IT effort and associated costs.

Prior to the introduction of central management software from MSO, the processing status of individual processes and measures was not or only with difficulty visible, the workload of individual departments or employees was not traceable, and thus the necessary resources that the company actually needs could not really be calculated on the basis of the necessary data.


Therefore, the goal set by BOSIG’s management was: The new software should enable central control of processes and measures in almost all areas of the company. At this point, complete conformity with the Federal Data Protection Act valid at the time of introduction, today with the European Data Protection Basic Regulation, the requirements from the certifications of BOSIG GmbH (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001) and the internal compliance regulations were also essential.

MSO was also chosen because no costly additional installations are required to use the web-based management software. All functions can be operated intuitively in the browser. Managing Director Harry Leichmann cites proximity to the customer as the main reason for the decision to implement MSO throughout the company:

Harry Leichmann
Harry Leichmann has been the managing director of BOSIG GmbH since September 2014.

MSO Solutions’ holistic view of their customers’ needs and requirements has convinced us for more than a decade. The trusting cooperation has not only enabled us to plan goals together, but also to achieve them. From many individual activities, a great successful WHOLE has been created.

With the help of the MSO Action Manager, a large number of processes in the company are now controlled:

From development projects to PDCA measures (a method for the continuous improvement of quality management or the entire company), internal and external maintenance orders, interim orders for production and training of employees to the allocation of company cars, the individual departments benefit from efficient and structured workflows. Automated e-mail notifications and a wide range of reporting functions mean that, for the first time in the company, there is comparability between individual processes and the achievement of certain KPIs can be continuously monitored.


With the help of the MSO management solution, many different processes at BOSIG have been simplified or optimized – including suggestions for changes to the process model, commissioning of external companies, development projects, customer or supplier complaints, marketing projects, PDCA measures, quality inspections, repair measures, damage cases at shipping companies, training, reservations of company vehicles, production orders and much more.

Collaboration within the organization has also changed: Before MSO was introduced, different processes and systems existed for different business transactions.

A large part of the organization worked via the mail system. However, many other, smaller systems were also used in parallel.

MSO software ensures that the processing status of individual processes or measures can be checked and transparently traced at any time. Evaluations provide an overview of the development of corporate goals and key figures, the performance of processes and the degree of implementation of CIP measures. “MSO means for us: more transparency, traceability and processing speed”, emphasizes Harry Leichmann.

For BOSIG, the “return on investment” consists of time savings, more transparency, a better overview and faster throughput times. According to the employees within the individual departments, the perceived workload has simultaneously decreased.

In addition, MSO also has a direct influence on customer satisfaction: Faster processing of complaints is an explicit consequence of the software introduction. Thanks to the improved overview of the utilization of individual areas, the more efficient provision of resources and thus reduced machine downtimes, BOSIG can significantly shorten production cycles across the entire product range.

The Pipeform sponge rubber offers its user a wide range of applications due to its special abrasion resistance and elasticity.
Thanks to the improved overview of the capacity utilisation of the individual areas, the more efficient provision of resources and thus reduced machine downtimes, BOSIG can significantly shorten production cycles across the entire product range.

With the introduction of MSO, all these processes were standardized and different systems were consolidated, minimizing the administrative effort for all employees and making daily work more efficient. The central recording of processes and measures means that there is now a uniform system to which all employees can orient themselves. All decision-making processes are transparent and comprehensible. The result: internal conflicts decrease, the satisfaction level increases.


Currently, the individually configurable MSO software is in use in all departments of the company. The solution is constantly being further developed in dialogue with the employees and continuously adapted to changing needs. The employees continuously provide new ideas and suggestions for new features. At the top of this list is an integration into the calendar of the mail system, for example, to display due dates and appointments directly there and to be able to work on the relevant topics and tasks.

A linkage with the mail system – especially with the calendar – seems to make sense, since the scheduling of tasks can then be better coordinated with other appointments in the calendar. The developers of MSO are currently working on a technically sensible solution.


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