Benefits of MSO templates

Use proven knowledge directly

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Benefits of MSO templates

Use proven knowledge directly

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Individual configurability is one of the core features of MSO. But sometimes decision-makers don’t want to reinvent the world, but need a concrete template to digitize an existing standard process. The structure of a vacation request, a near-accident report or an 8D report follows a certain pattern throughout the industry. These and countless other templates are immediately available in MSO and can be implemented directly in productive operation.

Digitization Step by step

Most companies have long since recognized the need for digitalization. However, there is often a problem with implementation because the introduction of management software also requires internal change processes. The use of standardized templates ensures faster implementation and enables the specialist departments to test the use of the software on a day-to-day basis using a specific use case.

Expert knowledge

The MSO templates incorporate decades of experience and best practices. Rooted in quality management and honed through countless projects at corporations and SMEs, we have developed a precise idea of which parameters in a process make the difference between efficiency and complexity. Egal ob es um eine Reklamation, eine Kostensenkungsmaßnahme, die Gestaltung des Ideenmanagements oder zig andere Prozesse geht: MSO-Vorlagen sind “by Default” nah an Ihrem Case.

Full cost transparency

With MSO templates, the focus is on the benefits for your company. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use a template for a standard process, map different scenarios or digitize your management on a large scale. Our templates work as a stand-alone solution as well as a gateway to the entire world of MSO. You can find an overview of our price models under Prices.

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