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For over 20 years MSO represents the consistent alignment of Management, Strategy and Organization in companies.

Years of experience from countless consulting projects form the basis for innovative software solutions that always optimally address the individual needs of a company. Whether it is the management of measures, tasks, projects or strategies: Together with customers and consultants, MSO develops solutions that help to optimize opportunities and risks and to use resources effectively and efficiently. As a result, performance in the company increases and values such as compliance, customer orientation and employee orientation become the focus of daily work.

MSO solutions are designed the way customers wish them to be: no modules, no hidden costs, easy installation and direct usability – MSO solutions are secure, efficient and user-friendly!

Software Solutions


In times of increasing density of information and accelerated product cycles, companies strive for a continuous improvement of their internal processes. This is exactly what MSO is specialized in: Individual IT solutions that improve collaboration within and across the enterprise by supporting the management of tasks, actions, projects and strategies. In this way, MSO’s software ensures the long-term success of its customers.

Strategy Manager

The MSO Strategy Manager consists of eighty percent of a well-proven basic architecture and twenty percent functionalities developed and customized in cooperation with the companies using the software. The result is a product that exactly meets the specific requirements of our clients (…)

Project Manager

MSO’s project management software combines numerous agile process models that meet the latest requirements for team work in projects. The software is based on a hybrid model that is tailored to individual company needs and thus enables central control as well as effective tracking. (…)

Action Manager

Pooling all business tools and applications into one location is a prerequisite for productive work. Using the MSO Action Manager, all actions that must be taken for the success of a project can be easily recorded, transparently tracked, holistically controlled and evaluated at the touch of a button. (…)

Task Manager

Those who bundle all internal communication under one roof create smooth work processes, a clear distribution of tasks, precise delegation and more transparency. The MSO Task Manager consolidates all project data and informs all participants about deadlines and due dates via automatic notifications. (…)

Advice – Training – Consulting

MSO Services

MSO’s consultants support companies in implementing management systems that enable regular review, evaluation and improvement to achieve a continuous development process.

In addition to the joint search for optimal software solutions, MSO consultants are also offering concrete assistance and practical cooperation, e.g. an employee training.

If requested, MSO is taking responsibility for operating the software and hosting it in certified data centers in Germany. In this way, MSO’s consultants do their part to secure the company and its location and help MSO’s customers to maintain and improve their profitability and competitiveness in the long-run.


Fit-4-MSO Trainings will teach your company how to use MSO software effectively and efficiently. (…)


MSO’s hosting and SaaS services include installation, role & rights concept as well as maintenance & support, all of which enable fast deployment and a noticeably relief for the IT department (…)


By providing regular updates, data management, troubleshooting, debugging, data security and maintenance, MSO guarantees the continuous operation of your business applications. (…)


MSO is specialized in the development of consulting approaches taking into account the interaction of the environment, strategy, policy, goals, culture and available resources of the organization. (…)

Features & Functions

MSO at a Glance

Using MSO software, not only individual tasks or measures, but also entire projects or strategies can be tracked precisely and intelligent. Individually configurable reports also can be created at the push of a button. Thus, employees and management are constantly informed about the current status of all tasks, actions and projects that have to be completed. The features and functions of MSO’s products ensure a significant reduction of administrative effort within the company and pave the way for future developments.

User friendly

Simple, customer-specific configuration: no Excel lists, and operationalized processes instead of diagrams.


Easy access via browser to upload images or documents (even with comments) – anytime, anywhere.


Integrierte Reporting-Funktionen sorgen für einen schnellen Überblick auf allen Ebenen: Sehen, Verstehen, Handeln, Ziele erreichen.


According to any application scenario, MSO applications can be individually extended and adapted – agile and flexible.


Using MSO, it has been shown demonstrably that 50–80% of the tracking, clarification, evaluation and reporting costs can be saved.


Via individual configuration as well as allocation of roles and rights, all measures follow the internal rules.

MSO Blog


25. November 2020
Digitally connected processes enable more flexible, (energy) efficient, individualized and cost-effective production. Management, administration and support processes should also not be neglected. This blog post will show you how process digitization can be successful.
News, Professional Articles
21. October 2020
Kaizen (from the Japanese "kai" for "change" and "zen" for "for the better") is a management approach to continuous change and improvement, which has led to great success in the lean production of Japanese automobile manufacturers and has been applied in this part of the world since the 1990s as "CIP" (continuous improvement process) in all areas of production and quality management. In the following, we will introduce you to seven management methods in the continuous improvement process (CIP) that could be useful to you:
Use Case
2. September 2020
A future-oriented, international research, development and innovation policy is essential for achieving climate neutrality. For this reason, the EU Commission supports science and research in Europe with the world's largest transnational funding program for research projects. A prime example is the development of innovative and sustainable technologies for long-life lithium-ion batteries. The goal: to catch up with the EU's global lag in the production of batteries for electric cars. Read in our Use Case how a German car manufacturer succeeds with the MSO Project Manager in centrally managing research proposals and projects and optimizing them in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
Professional Articles
15. July 2020
Big Data and AI offer enormous potential in data processing outside the IT sector as well. This is no longer a secret. However, outdated structures often still exist when it comes to strategy, project, action and task management. But how do you solve this problem? Is it perhaps ultimately all just a question of the right data?
Professional Articles
13. May 2020
Globalisation, technological change, data protection, cyber defence as well as all of a sudden pandemic management, shifts in demand, declining orders, delivery stops and payment defaults – cost reduction measures are indispensable for a lot of companies in view of the current challenges. Effective cost management comprises hereby much more than just reducing costs.
Professional Articles
29. April 2020
Climate change remains a central issue even in the current situation. As a result, the pressure on companies to proactively address climate protection and make a contribution continues to increase. But how can this be achieved? More on this in this article.

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