Author: Roland Kölsch

Release Notes, Release Notes
12 December 2019
The new update of the MSO software contains four enhancements: In future, evaluations can be accessed via a new “Reports” page. This replaces the previous menu item “Reports” in the navigation bar. Status steps can now be processed in parallel. The function can be activated for each event template.In a case example, we show what parallel workflow processing can look like. Furthermore, you can create any number of image fields in the administration area under “Event templates” in the “Activity” tab. In addition, an e-mail distribution list can be defined for each event template for sending e-mails from actions.
Release Notes
20 November 2019
The current MSO software contains four function enhancements: The legal requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are integrated in version 4.0.4. The following series of pictures illustrates how to create declarations of consent for the use of MSO applications and how personal data can be (automatically) deleted or anonymized. In addition, the newly integrated escalation function shows how the timely processing of individual topics, tasks or actions can always be tracked.
Professional Articles
29 July 2019
The standardized products of large providers such as Jira, Stackfield, Trello and co. often support only one method of project management – e.g. Kanban or Scrum – which leads to inefficiencies, especially in projects with multi-stage phases, because there are simply no flexible models or methods that address individual needs. No matter which parameter you set – size, duration, complexity, networking, participation, resources, etc. – not all projects are the same and the advantages of individually configurable software are therefore very apparent.
Professional Articles
29 July 2019
Despite the increasing market presence of standardized (project) management tools such as Trello or Slack, a Gartner study in 2018 came to the somewhat surprising conclusion that the majority of all SMEs still manage projects and tasks using Microsoft Excel and Outlook. The consequences are long, confusing tables and endless E-Mail chains, which only complicate the work. That’s why companies need context-specific software solutions that enable them to collaborate in a contemporary way – without Excel lists!

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